Can I get rich from forex trading?

Answer I think the states said that 80% of people lose money their first year out.Also google forex scam - so you know how the scam sites work

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Can forex trading make us rich?

Not likely. It is a high risk activity. Invest only what you can afford to lose. Consider it a form of high stakes gambling.

Can i become rich trading forex?

Yes you can become rich trading Forex or in any other market as long as you know what you're doing, why you;re doing it, how to do it and more importantly know the rules and regulations that govern... Read More »

How much can I make from Forex Trading?

Forex can make you a lot of money but it's not easy, you have to study a lot, fail a few times, recover your losses. If you just start trading with real money without having experience, you will be... Read More »

Can I make money from forex trading if I don’t know how to trade?

Impossible. FX trading is very difficult to make money out of hence 95% of people never manage to make any money trying. If you don't know how to trade then that probably puts you in the 95%. Yo... Read More »