Can I get wireless internet on my desktop?

Answer Verify that you have one of the supported Operating Systems (win 7, etc) for that adapter. Other than that, it should work fine. If the wireless signal is weak, you might want to go with an inter... Read More »

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How can you get wireless Internet on a desktop PC with no phone line?

- Check if there is a Wimax (not wifi) provider in your area(about Wimax:…=> if yes, you can subscribe, check with the provider which hardware you need.- ... Read More »

WIRELESS ;; If a Desktop is NOT set up for wireless connection, can you add anything ,,card etc, to make it?

Sure. If you have a spare PCI slot you can just add a wireless network card. If you don't, you can still make the desktop wifi-enabled by using a USB wireless adapter.

How can I increase my signal on my wireless internet router & wireless card?

The strength of the signal is limited by law, so it would probably be illegal to increase it much. I believe you can do so, however, by fitting a larger aerial. I don't know if these are available ... Read More »

Can i connect to the internet wirelessly off someone elses wireless internet?

Sorry it seems that ONLY some people here can read.And sorry, JustMe is way misinformed and thus passing BAD information here! YES you can setup a wireless network without a router!!!http://www.mi... Read More »