Can I have more than one Browsers on my laptop?

Answer You can have a number of browsers. I have firefox and IE which I use all the time, but there are others too which will also work with IE. When you download firefox it asks if you want to copy acros... Read More »

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How to have more than 2 monitors hooked up to my laptop?

You can have only 2 active screens at a time with the onboard chipset (whatever it is, guessing since you don't describe laptop maker or model). That would be the laptop screen and one more port (H... Read More »

Does a PC have a longer life than a laptop and is it more reliable?

>I have seen laptops around that are 7 - 8 years old, and still being used with original parts. I have also seen 8 - 10 year old desktops. If you take good care of a laptop it can last as long as... Read More »

I just bought new laptop its more powerfulfull than my old one more features?

clean out the systems bloatware. That typically will solve your speed problems.Also theres a bit of training you'll have to do if its vista. After you get the programs that you normally use VIsta... Read More »

Once you have broadband and server set up can you use it on more than one computer and not have to pay more?

You won't pay more for the connection itself but if you are using two machines instead of one you are likely to use more bandwidth as two machines typically download and send more than one machine!... Read More »