Can I have more than one Browsers on my laptop?

Answer You can have a number of browsers. I have firefox and IE which I use all the time, but there are others too which will also work with IE. When you download firefox it asks if you want to copy acros... Read More »

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One might install them to try and use one on the day as the mood takes you. If you just run one at a time it's less resource. Won't cause damage nor slow down much, resource willing.All browsers ... Read More »

How can i get two browsers?

You can go and download the mozilla Firefox browser. It is free and has some powerful features that can enhance your online experience.…


I turned my back on IE ages ago, and have never regretted it. There are several alternatives: 1) go to "" where you will find Firefox. Its download speed and packed security ... Read More »

How to Get Other Web Browsers on a PS3?

The operating system that comes standard with the Sony PlayStation 3 (PS3) is limited in its Web browsing capabilities. Installing a different operating system provides an effective workaround and ... Read More »