Can I install a network between Laptop & PC ?

Answer Yes; essentially there are two steps: first, you need to make sure your firewall software on the two computers as well as your router are configured to allow connections from other computers withi... Read More »

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What is the difference between a wifi laptop and a wireless laptop and do you need to have a telephone line?

WiFi and wireless are one in the same.Depending upon what you want to accomplish, a telephone line isn't necessarily needed. The wireless adapter in your computer is capable of grabbing a signal f... Read More »

How to Make a Network Between a Mac & a PC?

Apple Macintosh computers and PCs based on the Microsoft Windows operating system are capable of participating together on a local network. The individual computers network together by using the Wi... Read More »

How Do I Do a Network Install?

When you do a network install, the steps can depend on what kind of network you intend to install. Installing most networks requires that you first install hardware, software, and cables needed to ... Read More »

Can I simply Install an XP system taken from my old laptop onto my new Laptop to replace Vista...?

Hi,You said "oh I think the files I have are a fdirect copy of the contents of the origional Windows XP op system CD". Why don't you just use the CD it's easier.Good luck! :)