Can I make something pop up on my brothers computer?

Answer you can use a bit of software called psexec from the pstools suite you can find on the microsoft website, the only problem you may have is access wise, you need to have full network/admin right to ... Read More »

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My computer has awfull internet speeds but my brothers doesn't?

It could be your WiFi card. Likely it's failing or somesort.

What can I do to make sure I don't lose all my info if something happens to the computer?

If you can only back up to floppy discs, it sounds as if you have an old machine - it may not even support USB 2.0. I'm assuming that your machine is fairly new!You should consider creating regular... Read More »

How can i copy and paste something that i want to save of my computer please help not used to computer yet?

right click on it and you will see copy in the menu that comes up. then go to where you want to save it and right click again and paste it! or you can use the keys ALT and C together to copy and A... Read More »

I got £2000, i want to do something with the money.. like investment or something to make it more....,?

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