Can I prevent a file being copied, but allow it to be played and moved?

Answer you cant do this yourself, this is why large companies like iTunes use DRM digital rights management meaning the file is locked to your account. You cant do this yourself, the file is like any othe... Read More »

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Windows 7 won't allow DVDs to be played due to 'Internet Security'?

Control Panel- Firewall - Advanced setting --- then look of a no Entry symbol. check if it has anything to do with dvds or dvd drives.try using different program to watch the DVD ... like VLC medi... Read More »

How to protect Adobe Acrobat files from being edited or copied?

Computer files such as documents, graphs, charts and web pages that are converted with Adobe Systems’ Portable Document Format software appear just as they would if printed but can feature audio ... Read More »

Myspace query, Can you protect your pictures from being copied?

If you have flash creator, just put the image into a flash doc and embed it. Ive heard that its nearly impossible to copy an embeded flash document.

How do i copyright and trademark a logo to stop it being copied by another company, and is it free to do this?

Probably the company who you work for, should get the trademark registered. The US Patent and Trademark Office ( is the agency to handle this.It cost money for the filing and registra... Read More »