Can I prevent a file being copied, but allow it to be played and moved?

Answer you cant do this yourself, this is why large companies like iTunes use DRM digital rights management meaning the file is locked to your account. You cant do this yourself, the file is like any othe... Read More »

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where can i buy copied ps2 games?

Copied PS2 games can usually be downloaded online. There are also some stores that sell copied PS2 games secretly.

Someone has copied my item on Ebay, can i do anything?

A long time ago this could have been reported --- but now eBay actually encourages this kind of stuff.Probably what the seller did was go to your listing and clicked on the icon that reads: "Sell a... Read More »

I need to watch copied disks on my dvd?

Certain DVD players will only play certain discs, e.g. I have a cheap Bush DVD player that will only play DVD+R discs, and my daughters phillips player will only play DVD-R discs. Check what type o... Read More »

Copied CD's not working in my Car Stereo?

keep in mind some car deck cd players are copyrighted and dont play sertian cd formats and no windows vista is fine on recording ..... also it could be ur computer thats messed up some cd ... Read More »