Can I sell a router my previous Broadband company sent me?

Answer depends on what they said, if the agreement you signed is null and void then you can keep it for 30 days to give them opportunity to recall it and after that you can sell it as your own property. I... Read More »

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If I start a new company can I cite work I did for a previous employer as company experience?

Yes, you can and should use it, but make sure that you give all details, including which company you did the work for at the time. If it is a company with a good reputation this information will on... Read More »

Can I sell shares bought the previous day?

Can you use previous company work on your own website|?

Not without the express permission of your previous employer. They paid you for the work you did - the product of those efforts belong to them, not you.

What happens if I don't tell my insurance company about my previous accident?

Detail of all insurance claims for the past few years are shared in the Motor Insurers Database, so your new insurance company will be able to find out about your previous accident claim.The probab... Read More »