Can I split the co-axial cable that runs straight to my modem?

Answer Use splitter before cable modem.Meaning,from the wall use splitter and connect cable modem to one line, and tv/tuner to the other.And yes, you will be compromised.Splitter splits signal in half wea... Read More »

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Is it possible to split a cable from a modem so that more than one PC can work from it?

well u need a regular router and then u can with ethernet .. u cant use seperate modems off of a split input cable though .....

Do i use a crossover network cable to connect my xbox 360 straight to my modem?

A reguler ethernet cable should work just fine, I would recommend you use your computer to check and make sure you can get online with that modem before hooking it up to your console.

Is a null modem cable for transferring data the same as a vga cable used for computer monitor?

No, completely different. VGA cable is 9 pin DSub connector and null modem is 25 pin DSub connector. And the pin-out are completely different!

Difference Between a Crossover Cable & a Straight Cable?

A "straight" or "straight-through" cable, on the one hand, and a "crossover" cable, on the other, are the same type of cable between their connectors. The difference is the wiring in one of the con... Read More »