Can I track what people are doing that are using my Mac WiFi?

Answer Do you own the router?You can login to the router and under security set the number of connections possible. Restricting this will allow only your Mac to access the internet connection.

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Is it possible for someone else to see what I'm doing on the Internet using his wifi signal illegally?

Yes they can, and what you're doing is just as illegal as if you were tapping into someone Else's' electricity or water.....Shame on you

How to Track People Using Your iPhone?

With the GPS capabilities of an iPhone, you can send out your current location to friends and also pinpoint their locations -- with their permission, of course. A number of applications afford you ... Read More »

How can i know that how many persons are using my wifi connection?

Type in the url: and from there you can go look at "modem utilization" or whatever (do some exploring will you). It will let you see who is using your wifi.

Is it really that easy to track people via their IP address?

It is easy to track a user under normal circumstances because of what is called a MAC address. This is a unique hardware address that all network cards have. So if someone sees a specific IP addres... Read More »