Can I upgrade my computer?

Answer Nope, that PC probably has integrated graphics and possibly another RAM slot. You can't change the processor nor the graphics and overclocking would a bad idea considering that there is no proper a... Read More »

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I have a windows Xp computer is it to outdated to upgrade without buying a new computer?

Run the Windows 7 upgrade advisor to see if you can upgrade to win 7.…If your on about upgrading the computer hardware.. Just buy a new one.

32 to 64 bit computer upgrade?

Basically, make sure your processor supports 64bit OS. And then if you have more than 4gb RAM, then you can make the most of a 64bit Operating System.And you cant upgrade windows 7 32bit into 64bit... Read More »

How to upgrade a computer?

Is this a laptop??? If so...then you cant upgrade anything more than add ram or a new hard drive. the HD4000 graphics is "built into" the cant change would have to have a PCIe x... Read More »

How do I Upgrade Computer RAM?

When a computer is running slowly, it is likely in need of more memory, or RAM. Computers are sold with about a quarter of the computer RAM they can support. Upgrading computer RAM can be done by a... Read More »