Can I use two routers on the same WiFi package?

Answer yes you can do this. firstly you need to make sure you hard wire the routers using cat5 cable. a homeplug system would work aswell if you dont want the hassle of running a cable.things to note: 1. ... Read More »

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Is it possible to have two different wifi routers from two different companies in the same house?

You can run as many WiFi routers in the same area as you like - just if you go over ~4 routers (in the 2.4 GHz band), throughput for each router will decrease due to interference.If you set up your... Read More »

Why don't new routers have a wifi pairing button?

As someone who has hacked a few wireless routers (WEP only), let me tell you for a fact that those WPS or "Connect" buttons are a huge security hole, even for WPA2 protected wifi. It makes the WPA2... Read More »

2 routers on the same network?

Not sure I fully understand your question, but here's a few suggestions. (By the way, there's absolutely nothing wrong with running 2 routers if you configure them correctly).Firstly, you cannot h... Read More »

Two computers on same wifi, same IP - how can I ensure privacy?

Your firewall won't block network internal attacks due to the way it works.Many people who own a wireless router have a purposes for access other computer on the WLAN.Mostly network shares (Printer... Read More »