Can Statistics be Misleading?

Answer There is an old adage that figures don’t lie, but liars know how to figure. In a sense this represents people’s wariness of statistics. Statistical interpretation can cause data to appear misl... Read More »

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Would this be classed as "misleading"?

Could be, so clarify it at the first opportunity. You haven't been employed by them but you have certainly done work for them - which may work in your favour.

Is this ebay advert misleading?

Yes it is. Contact seller, send back, then eBay he lied to you

Can I sue my car insurance company for misleading me?

Until a claim is actually settled, any offer can be withdrawn. Change of job doesn't normally cause a policy to be void, unless you have changed to an occupation that the insurer considers to be ... Read More »


Complain to the Advertising Standards Authority at . It's free and they investigate it really well and fairly quickly. I think it's misleading because they show ppl on th... Read More »