Can You Charge a Laptop Battery Without Being Connected to a Computer?

Answer The battery charging circuits on a laptop are part of the laptop's motherboard. The circuits regulate the voltage and charging rate of the battery to protect it and help preserve the storage capaci... Read More »

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Can i charge car battery while still connected to car?

Yes, absolutely. You do whenever you switch your car on and it is the same when you use a power pack to jump start the car.

Laptop screen is dark when running off battery but bright when connected to mains?

you can increase or decrease brightness as and when you want. It is particularly different when you are using in day time and during night time when ambient light is low and you would like to reduc... Read More »

Is it bad to charge your laptop battery when it is full and the laptop is in use?

Yes.It's not possible to 'overcharge' it, but lithium batteries degrade and lose capacity quickest when fully charged, and when hot.Running a laptop on external power usually makes it run warm, and... Read More »

Is it bad to have ur laptop on charge while ur battery is in?

Silly. Of course the battery will be on charge if it is in until fully charged while the charger is plugged in. The charging gets cut off when the sensor detects that it is already full. It will ne... Read More »