Can a buyer from eBay demand a refund after sold as seen?

Answer If they paid in cash, there's pretty much nothing they can do - they picked it up, so there's no damage etc from postage or anything, and as you say, by 3 weeks later they have no leg to stand on!T... Read More »

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I sold an item on ebay described as having cosmetic knocks. the buyer now wants a refund, am I forced to do so?

It always makes me laugh when sellers put "refunds/returns not accepted" , its a total waste of time.ebay will refund any buyer that starts a case for item not as described regardless , if you dont... Read More »

I sold a car and the engine failed the next day making it a right off. Do I have to refund the buyer?

In the UK, legally no. They can make as much fuss and noise as they like, but particularly in the case of a cambelt, it's just tough luck. There's no way a failure can be predicted. There's also th... Read More »

I sold car on ebay, now buyer wants money back, what do I do?

With a private sale, British law says, "Caveat emptor" ('Let the buyer beware').Providing you did not deliberately withhold Information about the car, there is absolutely nothing the buyer can do.A... Read More »

Case opened for refund in ebay but buyer doesnt respond?

I suggest you refund his money. You don't have to open a case for that.