Can a cisco switch send a syslog via email without 3rd party software ie straight from the device?

Answer Yes it is possible. Have a look at below link from Cisco. You can send mails directly from device. I tried this and it worked. But I am not using it for productive environment. The keyword is EEM (... Read More »

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How do i connect to my cisco switch?

That's because the laptop is expecting data through a serial port. Ethernet to ethernet won't work if the switch has no configuration. You need a serial to console cable to get into it (the way you... Read More »

Home networking cisco switch?

That's one way to go about it, but it's not really clean. You can't do egress policing on the 2950 so you'd have to achieve this by changing the queuing mechanism and using bandwidth limits within ... Read More »

How to Check Port Status On Cisco Switch?

Cisco switches include several network ports. You can check the status of each port on the Cisco switch by running an included command at the switch's command prompt. The command displays whether t... Read More »

Hi i have to send a email to a magazine that we advertise our business in how do i word a professional email ?

Dear Sir/MadamI have contacted you on a previous occasion saying that we were not happy with the price of the advertisement although we were to close to the deadline it could not be done at that ti... Read More »