Can a cisco switch send a syslog via email without 3rd party software ie straight from the device?

Answer Yes it is possible. Have a look at below link from Cisco. You can send mails directly from device. I tried this and it worked. But I am not using it for productive environment. The keyword is EEM (... Read More »

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How to Send Mass Emails Without Showing the Email Addresses?

When you put a list of e-mail recipients in the "To" or "CC" line of an e-mail, every recipient can see that entire list. This can result in a privacy breach or simply cause a headache as multiple ... Read More »

How do I turn on alert that I'm about to send email without a subject?

I use Yahoo! mail and have never had the option of getting this notification, perhaps it was only on offer in hotmail.You could post this message again under Yahoo! products / Yahoo! mail to see if... Read More »

Is it illegal to send info from work from work email to personal email!?

Depending on the content, it could have been considered illegal disclosure or not protecting confidential records. This is very rampant in health industry, and obviously national security type jobs... Read More »

How to find software jobs without experience in uk i m graduate in software engineering from Pakistan ?

It is better to get a degree from UK....go to UK in a student visa to do MS....and after MS most probably the university will arrange something for you.... This is one way... The other is to get ex... Read More »