Can a person find out if I have checked their profile on Facebook using the "Social Analysis" app?

Answer Rest easy. It's a hoax.

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If you do a friends request on Facebook will that person have access to my profile?

depends on your privacy settings, if you have it set to just friends then no , not untill they accept your request, if you have it set to everyone then yes they can, if you have it set to friends a... Read More »

Thanks guys i have checked the power steering thats fine checked coolant which is blue checked brake fluid tha?

For the benefit of those saying it's auto gearbox fluid, that model of Ka was never available with an auto transmission so it shouldn't have ATF in it.If you're not sure take it to a garage and get... Read More »

Can someone look and see how many times you have been on their facebook profile?

nope. facebook has no such feature and never will. they have stated many times and any fb app claiming to "find your stalker" etc is just a virus. dont click them.

If I go on my friend's profile on facebook can they see that I went to their profile or not?