Can a person still see my tweets if i block them on twitter :)?

Answer When you block a person, Twitter hides your acc from that person. He can't find out your acc neither he can see your tweets or any activity on twitter.But if he creates another account to stalk you... Read More »

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Can You Block People's Tweets on Twitter But Still Follow Them?

Can people still see your tweets if you block them?

yes and no.if your account is not private & you block a person, they can still see your tweets, they just can't follow you.if your account is private, then no. they wouldn't even be able to send yo... Read More »

How to Block People From Seeing Your Tweets Without Unfollowing Them?

The social networking site Twitter allows users to post messages -- "tweets" -- of up to 140 characters that can then be seen by all the other users who "follow" them. There may be certain users wh... Read More »

If i tweet to a person who's account is protected will they still see the tweets?