Can a room being too cold make a computer make noises?

Answer well I suppose so, running to hot causes the metal component parts to expand and run slower so the opposite should apply to being to cold; the metal contracts making it not run faster but have more... Read More »

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I live in a large attic room and it is freezing cold in winter, is there a legal min temp for sleeping room?

First of all, why not just mention this to the LL? One thing to remember is most Landlords are just normal people. He isn't a psychic, so you need to tell him and give him a chance to address the... Read More »

Why Does My House Make Popping Noises?

If you are disturbed occasionally by things that go pop in the night inside your home, there is not likely much to be worried about. Most likely you aren't dealing with ghosts. Your house could be ... Read More »

Computer loud fan noises?

I'm no expert, but I suspect because of the amount of additional processing your pc has to contend with to allow you to play the game, your processor is heating up quicker and requires cooling down... Read More »

Bepping noises from computer?