Can a website still be good even though it hasn't got a registration process?

Answer If it is made for people to write blogs than I wouldn't advise it being used without a registration process.Hope I have helped.

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Can i still use the razor even though the exfoliating bit has fallen off?

If you use ones with the built in shave bars then I would suggest no. The best bet is to stop buying those kind and use baby oil instead of shaving cream! Not only will it make your razor last long... Read More »

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Will I still receive my JSA even though I just got a job?

You will get JSA for any time you were unemployed and looking for work, up until the date you started working.

Can i still work even though a doctor has signed me off sick.?

If the doctor has released you from work, and your company has been made aware of this, then you won't usually be allowed to work without another note from the doctor stating that you can come back... Read More »