Can a wireless router be used as a repeater station, and if so - how?

Answer no dont think so you want a thing called homeplugs 85Mbps HomePlug adapters.Utilise your existing electrical cabling to create your own wired network. These Powerline Ethernet Adapters are fully c... Read More »

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How to Set Up a Wireless Router As a Repeater?

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How to Use a Wireless Router Repeater?

A wireless router is used to connect many different devices, such as computers or even printers, to the same Internet connection, so that they can all access websites and share files together. Depe... Read More »

How to Use a Wireless Cable Modem Router As a Repeater?

When you use a wireless cable modem router as a repeater, you set it up as a secondary router so that it extends the wireless signal of your first device located nearest your Internet modem. This i... Read More »

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