Can all graphic card work on all motherboards?

Answer NoRequirements PCI-E ports to PCI-E video cards (new technology)AGP video cards to AGP ports (old technology)Also your computer must have additional power ports to supply power to a beefy card and ... Read More »

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Will any graphics card work with all motherboards?

the only thing is that some graphics cards use two pci-e slots. the 7750 should work with your machine since it's not a dual card. but like the other person said your power supply might need to be ... Read More »

Will this moniter work with my graphic card ?

The card will work with the monitor, and the card does state the use of 3D on AMD's website so I can't see why not. In my opinion though 3D is not worth it, I guess you are gaming on this rig in wh... Read More »

2GB Gigabyte GT 630 graphic card work in acer x1300?

Hi,Probably not even though the pc has a pcie x2 slot it requires a low profile card not a full height.Check inside the case and see if it will fit, the size is 186 mm x 127 mm x 36 mm.You will als... Read More »

How do i use my motherboards integrated graphics card?

Typically with motherboards in the past, inserting any graphics card disabled the integrated graphics processor (if any). That's not the case with your motherboard, however (or any motherboard that... Read More »