Can all new motherboards do crossfire and sli?

Answer no, u need a mobo that has at least 2 pcie X16 slots to do sli or crossfire

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Tri-Channel motherboards?

I would suggest this one…I don't own it but my friend has one and from what i can tell it's a very reliable and has a lot of features

Bad Capacitors in Motherboards?

Capacitors are components used to hold electric charges in all kinds of electronic circuits, including computers. As with resistors, capacitors are fundamental electronic building blocks, so circui... Read More »

AMD motherboards PCIe 3.0?

Not currently. It doesnt matter as even the most powerful cards aren't hitting the bandwidth limit of pci-e 2.0. And pci-e 3 cards are fully compatible with pci-e 2.0 slots

Is it possible to run two motherboards on one computer?

Interesting idea but sadly not possible. Each mainboard is designed to be a single control unit, to attempt to link two would just give you an endless stream of Blue Screens as one board and then o... Read More »