Can an emac be connected to wireless Internet?

Answer do u have a router with wifi, then there should a little computer & some bars down by clock it should have a balloon tip pop & say connection in the area, click on computer & it should have the con... Read More »

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My computer is connected to the wireless router but still cant get onto the internet?

might not be the answer you're looking for....but have you tried another browser site...say FIREFOX, i know that there is some problems with I/E just now

I have a laptop which is connected to my dads wireless internet. he said he can see all the sites i view..?

Because you use his wireless he can check the routers database for sites viewed on that comp. You have to get into his router set up. Or just find the button on the back of the routter and press it... Read More »

Laptop had connected to wireless shows local access only no internet?

Do you have another computer using the same wireless router to go internet? Is it working?You probably need to restart your wireless router and modem.Are you trying to connect the right wireless co... Read More »

I'm pregnant and wondering if using a laptop connected to regular Internet instead of the wireless is harmful.?

wireless Internet connection is no more dangerous than using a mobile phone or a TV remote the only difference is if your pregnant is the vicinity of the laptop to your unborn baby if you actually ... Read More »