Can an employer refuse someone an internal interview for a job promotion if they have had sick leave?

Answer Simon, I am going to go against the flow of answers to say that you might have been discriminated against.If your condition has a substantial and long-term adverse effect on your ability to carry o... Read More »

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I have been given a sick note for a weeks sick leave but my employer says I have to go to work. can i leave?

Your employer is an ***.If you were to go to work and a load of other staff and customers were to catch it then he would be in the cak.If you doctor has signed you off then that is an end to it.If ... Read More »

How long can someone have sick leave if they have a disability?

LEGALLY ,She can get your medical records checked by the company doctor, also she can insist that you have a full medical by him/her also,, not your doctor ,and the chances of you passing are slim ... Read More »

I have a job interview this week but waiting for ovarian cysts to be removed can they refuse the job?

You can't be refused the job on those grounds, but you will need to declare to them if you're likely to spend an extended period in hospital or off sick after the operation., This might be what cos... Read More »

Can an employer lawfully refuse a request to take unpaid leave?

yes his employer is perfectly within their rights to refuse an employee (unpaid) time off.after all there exists a contract between the employer and employee, thst contract dictates what both sides... Read More »