Can any one help me with MAC code:?

Answer You have to insist on this, they cannot refuse to give you this code. Threaten to report them to Ofcom. Tiscali tried to do this to me but they didn't realise who they were messing with!!! Be very ... Read More »

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Doe's any1 know the code for a rover 414i radio. it wont play and needs a 4 digit code?

Hi Redneck,If it is a new one, then it may still be set to the factory code, which on a Rover is 1234Worth a try !Bob

Can anyone tell me how to re code my car stereo,battery was unpluged, dont have the code anymore, fiat marea98?

if it is a standard stereo which came with the car ie a Fiat one then a Fiat dealer will have access to a database from which they can get you the code, they normally charge £10-15 to retrieve it ... Read More »

Ford Fiesta 2003 Radio Code Needed! Serial Code MO77302?

The code is 9050Insert the radio code by repeatedly pressing button 1 until the firstnumber of the code appears on the display.Press button 2 until the second number of the code appears in the disp... Read More »

Need code for ford 4000 rds serial num m245228 has i changed battery and its sayig code?

Sorted for you, your code 5689 merry christmas