Can any one help me with MAC code:?

Answer You have to insist on this, they cannot refuse to give you this code. Threaten to report them to Ofcom. Tiscali tried to do this to me but they didn't realise who they were messing with!!! Be very ... Read More »

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Could you help with key-code for fiesta radio serial number M170574. help appreciated?

Code for that stereo is 3272.Bill, why do you keep answering these questions? If you don't have the software to decode these stereos, understand that a lot of other people on here do, and give them... Read More »

Ford radio code rcan anyone help me with my radio code for a 2003 ford fiesta .serial number is M015877?

Pls help with car code?

this could not be simpler ring a ford dealer with your cars registration number and they will give you the radio's security code as they have it on a database tied to the car when it was first regi... Read More »

Help with my tax code?

Idiot employer - I assume you received a copy of the Notice of Coding 810L after you contacted HMRC.Your employer has (probably) changed to 810L Non cumulative. Another assumption - the code you re... Read More »