Can any one tell me the best deal for phoneline & internet?

Answer I get unlimited free calls to any landland and broadband for £20 a month with virgin media dont know if this offer is still available but it's worth a try.

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HELP ME, how can i get internet without a phoneline ?

In Chesterfield, I had my phoneline cancelled, but as long as my modem was plugged into the white box on the wall, it worked fine.

Is there a way to get internet without a cable or phoneline?

A 3G card for your laptop, it uses telecoms network (like a mobile phone), but it's pretty slow in GPRS areas and synching your mailbox would be about as much as it could handle. Think of it as usi... Read More »

Is it possible to have an internet connection without having a phoneline i've heard you can is it true?

yes its called cable broadband which is supplied by companies such as virgin media. go here to find out more

What internet & talk package deal is best..?

Virgin media is the best. Whatever, don't choose orange broadband, they'll skin you alive :D.