Can anybody help me with this Facebook question?

Answer Change your privacy settings.

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Can anybody please help me with this tricky and irritating facebook problem which has persisted for 10 days.?

As silly as it sounds have u looked at ur settings? It could be something as simple as they somehow accidently got changed, if this is no help sorry-I find the face book help option is pretty basic... Read More »

Can anybody help me with this problem?

Hi Derrick,Seems that the file extension association has changed on your system. You may run the following Microsoft Fixit from the link below:, you may try to repair the fi... Read More »

Can you please help me with this question on probability?

0.25 x 0.10 = 0.0250.75 x 0.35 = 0.2625= 0.2875 (which is the same as 28.75%)Mr Z has 28.75% chance of an accident thoughout the year.

Any one can help me with the resuls to this computer question?

That is going to be quite difficult. If you are still stuck with your assignment may be you can contact a programming expert live at website like .