Can anybody send me details on networking want to be a network expert.?

Answer Go to school....They have 9 month tech colleges you can go to for that sort of thing...YOU have to have an education to get anywhere....

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I have a very pure and simple networking problem, that any networking expert can answer...?

You could buy a wireless bridge to connect to the wifi, then connect that AP to a switch, then connect all of your devices to that switch.And BOOM. Everything is connected.

Can anybody pls explain me in details,what would I have to do if I want to order a mobile from amazon?

Open the web site and select the product and click the order after reading all instruction.

We network our computers but want to swap the main computer. does anybody know how?

Double click My Computer, right click whatever the drive you want to share, in this case C: drive, so right click C drive, select Sharing and Security, click on the link and follow the sharing wiza... Read More »

Need advice from an seo expert - my question is in the details - Please help?

There should be no Google penalty for your arrangement, just don't expect to get any search rank boost from the links, since the common IP address indicates a common owner. Before the existence of... Read More »