Can anyone help me connect my nintendo wii to my wireless router?

Answer try this program it will do it for you…

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Can I connect a wireless router to an existing adsl router to enable wireless connectivity?

The router you choose to do this with needs to be capable of being setup in DHCP mode. This is a typical setting on a cable router (for cable networks like Virgin Media). I don't know if your netge... Read More »

How do i connected my nintendo wii to my wireless router?

just go to the internet settings menu and select find access point. Then type in your WEP code.Sorry, Your WEP code should be written on the wireless router.

Help! i'm trying to connect a new laptop via a wireless router to my desk computer?

Start > Connect To > Set Up A Network Connection or Network then follow the Wizard.Email me for more help

Aaargrgh! Can't connect to net with wireless router on laptop! Please help!?

First off, try rebooting everything (including your wireless router... wait about 5-10 minutes before turning everything back on). If you've already tried that here's something to see:1. Is your ... Read More »