Can anyone help me with this Skype problem please?

Answer Try re-installing skypeFirst uninstall it Then download it from install it.This is probably work because it worked for me

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Skype problem...?

Are you signing into the skype website, or the skype program (which is the one you need) Sorry, Chuck, you've lost us.I'm on the website and can see no reference to a program just as there is no re... Read More »

Skype problem. Lagging?

Never was I able to call anyone with skype and not make them angry. skype is only in my past.

Had skype but problem on laptop?

Go to Control panel and delete the Skype software and install it again. i am sure your problem will solved.

Skype Unread conversations problem?

This happens to me also when i use my old computer. I guess if i use a previous version of Skype it would be better for it, but not sure though.When i'm on my laptop there is absolutely no problem ... Read More »