Can anyone help,pc is running really slow?

Answer Using registry cleaner can fix your computer and then make your computer faster,Why?the reason is that there are some regsitry errors in your computer to cause "computer slow".Everytime you install... Read More »

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Why is my computer running slow, have formated hard disc but problem still exists.would more ram help running?

The reason the computer gets slow is due to the registry files becoming corrupted, or messed up, in simple terms. These files tell the computer or laptop how to operate the software installed on th... Read More »

My laptop is running really slow i have run a defrag disc cleaner spy wear and anti virus but it is still slow?

You should have an anti-spyware solution on your computer. I recommend that you go to and get AD-AWARE and SpyBot Search & Destory. Install, run, update and scan your comput... Read More »

I av AVG on my pc my pc is running really slow ive defraged it still slow in mt avg virus vault there are?

My computer is running really slow. i have anti-virus and anti-spyware software running?

from the "Run" command in the "start" menu, type "msconfig". XP or Vista:press windows key + letter Renter msconfigpress enterThen click on the "Startup" tab [ XP ]and you will see everything that ... Read More »