Can anyone make me a minecraft server?

Answer Sure! Consider it done.

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How do i make a lan server on minecraft?

for a purely lan server. press escape and click publish to lan. you can also set up a fake lan server by downloading the server.exe from and download hamachi. have all your friends do... Read More »

How do I make a minecraft server?

I Would post detailed info of how to port forward and bypass the firewall..But silly people seem to keep moaning n giving me thumbs down so..What to do now:Learn how to port forward.Learn how to ad... Read More »

Best way to advertise my Minecraft server and my new Minecraft advertising website.?

How to Make a Multiplayer Server on "Minecraft"?

A multiplayer server on Minecraft is a good way to team up with your friends to explore mine shafts and build huge structures. Minecraft, a sandbox building game, began development in May 2009 and ... Read More »