Can anyone please help me with a Windows 8 problem?

Answer Sounds like you are getting a 'beep code'. This link will help you to discover what the problem is…

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Had a problem with slow computer and now windows won't start. Can anyone help?

I came across this link so hopefully you will find something helpful there.…If you are not confident yourself it might be better to take it to someone wit... Read More »

Can anyone help with Ebay problem please.?

hi, i have had a problems like this before but it wasnt ebay fault but my browser... try to close your browser and start again after few minutes or change browser for the time you work on ebay.hope... Read More »

Can anyone please help with my computer problem?

it sounds like this is a temporary internet file, when you surf a web page the browser downloads and keeps a copy of the images on the page for when or if you go back to that page. The logic is tha... Read More »

Hi my sister has problem with IE 7 , Can anyone help please?

Mozilla should work fine, true. But, without more info on the specific error, it is hard to answer this question. She may need to install the latest Java build.Mozilla is at http://www.mozilla.orgJ... Read More »