Can anyone please tell me how do I record an DVD to a another CD?

Answer I'm assuming this is a commercial dvd so first things first you need to get handbrake or some other free dvd cracking software run it with the dvd in the drive to copy it to your computer. This ca... Read More »

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Help please i keep getting CiD ad ware popping up can anyone please tell me how to get rid of it?

Download the free version of Superantispyware. Will find what all other miss or unable to delete. Update and run an indepth scan.Mindoctor, France

Can anyone tell me if i've got it wrong. my computer went down, so i bought another build.?

here is a link to your drivers including the audio driver for your motherboard…The motherboard would normally come with a CD with all the drivers neededI w... Read More »

Can anyone tell me please?

Check your internet connection maybe or if u are using a router, then that usually happens because either u didnt receive from packets your router or the router didnt sent u any.

Please can anyone tell me?

Hi J LoI think you need to put an encryption in the form of a password over your network...Here is how to do it:1#Double click on the wireless icon to open that connection status..2#Click properti... Read More »