Can anyone rate me out of 10 on my facebook picture?

Answer I would say 8You are not ugly, just 1 small thing could thread your eyebrows to make them more tidy Hun. XxThen I would say 9

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Rate my picture please ?

Is there a way to keep the likes on a picture when you change it to your profile picture on Facebook?

if it's a picture you uploaded yourself, yes, it's simple...just click "make profile picture"if it's a picture you are tagged in, uploaded by someone else, then no, it's not possiblewhat you need t... Read More »

I dont want to use a picture of me as my facebook profile picture?

How do you put a picture as a profile picture in facebook GROUP?

$:first of all you should be the owner of the group..exactly 1centimeter down of "home" button on your group page you have option of: uploading a photo(or)upload an image in your group.....the... Read More »