Can anyone survive without a mobile phone.idiots driving on phone should be locked up?

Answer BRAVO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!I hate it when those idiots come into my business and their cell phones keep ringing non stop. (making drug deals in many cases)The UK has a "Phone Buster" that will null... Read More »

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Mobile phone question, is it illegal to use a mobile phone at all times in a car while driving or can you?

In the UK it is illegal to use a mobile phone while driving (or stationary with the engine running), unless you are using your mobile to call the emergency services (999/112). You can, however, use... Read More »

What's wrong with using a mobile phone while driving?

Of course there is something wrong with it, It distracts your attention from driving, and will decrease you awareness of your surroundings. Therefore, it will cause accidents

New mobile phone driving laws....?

From what i have seen when driving its all the stuck up snobs who think they are a law unto themselves that still use them when driving and most of those dont even wear a seatbelt either,( Bournem... Read More »

Can I report a man I saw using his mobile phone while driving his car?

Assuming you're in the, UK you can't.Using a phone whilst driving is what's known as a 'found committing' offence. In other words it has to be witnessed by a police officer.