Can anyone tell me how to use FTP in easy stages please?

Answer FTP is simply a way of uploading / downloading files from one PC to another.What you will need is the IP address of the PC you wish to connect too. It usually has a password too so get that.The sim... Read More »

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How easy is it to start a small business from home I have the time and money and wondered how easy it was?

Go to to find the nearest SCORE chapter. In the upper left hand corner is a box to enter your zip code. Your nearest SCORE chapter will be on the next screen. Contact them ... Read More »

Are Chinese motorcycles any good and are they easy to get serviced and repaired.are parts easy to obtain?

Hi Deb,,Short Answer to Your questions;NO,not good---not when compared to ther alternatives.NO,not easy to get serviced/repairedNO,not easy to get parts..............................I recall exact ... Read More »

Easy 10 points for an Easy answer?

If I were you I'd put it under the mattress, banks are a gamble and then the tax man will come and nick half of it. I can't really be bothered to get my calculator out, so I'd take a guess to say ... Read More »

What are the 3 job stages?

Education can be primary, secondary and tertiary - not jobs....