Can anyone tell me whats likely happened with my files on here?

Answer I have no idea where it could have gone. When you download a file, sometimes it goes to a Downloads folder but sometimes, it goes somewhere else.Since movie files tend to be large, you can find th... Read More »

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About msn i dont get whats happened?

Hes deleted you but not blocked.edit- why thumbs down me its true...whatever idiot done that, yes he had deleted u then because you’re not on his list but he hasn’t blocked you, how thick can y... Read More »

Whats happened to facebook?

They just announced they are going to focus on more 'target' adverts to their 'members', thereby killing the golden goose ... (are at least 'milking them for all they are worth')Depending on how ea... Read More »

Whats happened to my escort?

only 1 person (bugzilla260) go the question nearly right, because your car sucessfully goes into gear with no problems it would indicate that the clutch and gearbx are allowing it to do that - you ... Read More »

Whats happened to my myspace :S?

it is a technical error. They are currently working on itcurrent my space help blog..…If the problem persists then contact myspace customer service and the... Read More »