Can anyone tell me which bank websites show PENDING transactions when you sign into your current account?

Answer I am not sure if any Bank sites actually show 'Pending' transactions, but with my Bank (Ulster), it shows me a balance and an 'available' balance - if there is a difference in the two figures, I kn... Read More »

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What Does Pending on a Bank Account Mean?

If you check your bank statements online, you may notice that some of your transactions are listed as "pending" rather than "complete." If a transaction is pending, the bank has not yet approved th... Read More »

If i upgrade my current account to a student account will my bank account number change?

normally if you stay with the same bank then your account number will remain the same the the type of acount changes, i bank with the halifax and have changed account types twice and have kept the ... Read More »

How Long Do Pending Transactions Last on Debit?

Electronic banking is a cost-effective way for financial institutions to do business, and most consumers enjoy the convenience of using a debit card at a point-of-sale terminal (checkout). Opting t... Read More »

How do I create an account for use on ebay amazon and anything else if I do not have a current bank account?

You don't, I'm afraid.If you have a problem opening a current account, see if a bank will let you have a 'basic bank account'. See…