Can anyone tell me why this happened, or what it was?

Answer SPOOKY!!!! LOL!I hope it was one of those intensely annoying adverts that Yahoo seem to love.

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What the **** happened to my usb?

Try changing the format options in the dialgoue box so that the storage is 32 GB.If it still doesn't work, get a new one.It is much cheaper to buy a new one than to get it fixed.

What has happened?

You clearly have some sort of issue.a program could help you herecc Cleaner it is in the free stuff section on my website

What Really Happened on 911?

9/11 stands for 9th of September of 2001, the date when the Twin Towers in New York City were destroyed by a terrorist act that is said to have been planned by al-Qaida under the command of bin Lad... Read More »

Has this ever happened to you?

sounds like some asswipe that works at the pizza place did it.