Can anyones help me with this!!!?

Answer x - ( x/2 + .5) = y y/2 - 1 = 0the answer is 55 - ( 5/2 + .5) = 2 2/2 - 1 = 0

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Is anyones msn not working?

Mine wasn't working yesterday, as with many people, but it seems to be working fine now. It must be a problem with the server.If it isn't working for you, try pressing 'Troubleshoot' when you get t... Read More »

Does anyones Facebook keep on logging out by itself?

Mine is doing it too. Can't do anything as it keeps asking me for password and then when I enter it, it asks for it again. After a few times then it says that there have been too many attempts. ... Read More »

Anyones elses msn playing up?

yeah :(so's all my friends :(if you email about itthey'll stop it quicker :)

I cant comment on anyones channel on youtube?

OMG !!I'm glade I'm not the only 1 YouTube should be good for 2morrow :)