Can anyones help me with this!!!?

Answer x - ( x/2 + .5) = y y/2 - 1 = 0the answer is 55 - ( 5/2 + .5) = 2 2/2 - 1 = 0

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Someone has told me that there is a password which gets access to anyones MSN emails Surely this cant be?

I would like to know of anyones expeariance with Dell as i am thinking of buying a new PC?

In my personal experience I do no think ther is a better made computer out there for my needs. (I do not game)You will see and hear of lots of complaints but think: Dell sells more computers than ... Read More »

I badly need help with this finance.please anyone who could help i will be really greatful.pleaseee help.plzzz?

Need help with my English home work on twelfth night due in this friday PLEASE HELP!!!!?

1. he is a bit annoyed that he has had to follow Cesario: 'you might havesaved me my pains, to have taken it away yourself.'2. Not really sure about this one - sorry!3. The ring is her way of sayin... Read More »