Can burned CDs play on CD Players?

Answer yes as long as there not burned as mp3s if they are then they wont play on a cd player you will have to play them on a dvd player or on your pc.

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My Burned CDs will not play in car?

Sometimes burned CDs won't work in my car either, and it is because the car could be to old or that the CD player in the car only works with the original CD. If you know someone who has a more rece... Read More »

How to Play Mahjong With 3 Players?

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How to Play Burned PS2 Games?

Burned PS2 games (usually referred to as "backups") will not play on regular PS2s. The most common ways of playing burnt PS2 games is by using a mod chip or a swap disc. Mod chips must be manually ... Read More »

Why don't my burned cd's play on car cd changer?

Try burning to cd-r, rather than cd-rw; sometimes it's the only type a car player will tolerate.