Can employer check what i am doing on my company laptop ?

Answer Yes, only if you are accessing the websites & softwares thru Company's / Employer's gateway.If you are not accessing any of these sites thru Employer's gateway then they cannot track it.

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If previous employer don't give check reference,but still working and good relation and prevous employer don?

In the UK there is no legal requirement for your employer to provide you with a reference. Due to the fact that under Data Protection laws people can request to see references written about them, ... Read More »

Is new employer allowed to check salary with previous employer?

Yes. Legally, a previous employer is only supposed to state your last salary, position held, and whether or not you'd be rehired.

If I start a new company can I cite work I did for a previous employer as company experience?

Yes, you can and should use it, but make sure that you give all details, including which company you did the work for at the time. If it is a company with a good reputation this information will on... Read More »

Will an employer check?

You have a degree so I can't see why any employee would care about GCSE's. I stopped listing mine when I got a HND and no one has ever asked about them.