Can i be the top question for no reason thnx?

Answer here we go :)

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Domino's or papa johns, im bored hence the reason for this question?

Domino's would be my choice as they are the closet.Hman

How do people get round the "reason for leaving" question if they were dismissed from their last job?

bad news folks. i do lots of recruitment and we always check references for last 5 years, including reason for leaving. also check education with the issuing authority, and criminal record. best... Read More »

GEOGRAPHY QUESTION - Outline one reason why some governments want to control population size?

As depending on their stage in the demographic transition model, they want to either increase or decrease their total population. If there is a high birth rate and low death rate, there will be a h... Read More »

I have just been barred from subway Seaham. i was given no reason when i asked i was refused a reason. i go in?

The proprietor has the right to refuse anyone without a reason.I am pretty sure there is a reason, probably linked to your attitude.