Can i download films and stuff at wifi hotspots?

Answer Most block large AND/OR long-term downloads.=BUT some locations, users get lucky.

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Does any body know good websites whare i can "download" like films n stuff?

do this, download utorrent installing that, go to any popular websites for torrentlike or search for other for torrent files at google.then on t... Read More »

How to Use WiFi Hotspots?

Although getting an Internet connection at your home is convenient, you don't have to be constrained to the house to get online. Wi-Fi hotspots are public places where many people can access the In... Read More »

Are wifi hotspots free?

Wifi HotSpots are free wifi spots, mostly of them are password free also... but if you have option to use your own wifi then i will suggest you to do so. For security reasons un protected wifi's ar... Read More »

Free WiFi Hotspots?

There are plenty of sites with this info. Just type in your address and it should come up with a list right away.