Can i go back to ignored requests on facebook?

Answer u might just have to search it in the searcher for the group name if u remember what it was called and join it that way its should be there somewhere..

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Facebook requests?

no, they will not find out - you didnt even have to block the person

How to See Your Sent Friend Requests on Facebook?

Facebook allows users two main ways to make a friend request. You may request to become friends with someone who is already on Facebook, or you may invite people to join you on Facebook by sending ... Read More »

Do you get sick of all the requests on Facebook?

I get stupid "what's your stripper name" or "what color are you"Last time I checked I was neither a color nor a stripper. So yes, it's very annoying.

Facebook friend requests?

yes i always get alot of them,i think its because i play alot of the games on facebook,i always ignore friendship requests unless i actually know the person.