Can i hook up my ethernet cable for my sky broadband router to a truely wireless one?

Answer BT/TalkTalk sent me a wireless modem, I sent it back and asked for a cable one because it's safer and more reliable.

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Is it possible to get a usb to ethernet cable adaptor to connect to a wireless router?

U can buy a USB Netwrok device that then allows you to connect to a normal router via a cat5 cable, or a USB wireless card to connect to it wirelessly.

Is a ethernet cable faster than a wireless router and if so should i swap them over?

The cable can be 10 or 100 or 1000mbps depending on your equipment and that will show on the LAN icon at lower right. G wifi is 54 and the N can be 150 and that will show on your wifi icon. The big... Read More »

Want to connect via Ethernet to a wireless router that's too far away for cable, any suggestions?

Easiest option is to use powerline adapters. They get good reviews and are fairly inexpensive.You plug one in by the router and one in the room where you need access and connect them to the devices... Read More »

I have an Ewire BT Broadband Router with 2 PC's connected via Ethernet. Can i also run the wireless facility?