Can i improve my computer system to be better and faster?

Answer the cpu is fine for xpyou really do need more ram.xp runs slow with less than 1.75gb ramparticularly if you have an AV installed.upgrade the ram

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Which utility software can improve the performance of a computer system?

Tuneup utilities can improve the performance of the computer system.....

How does Windows Vista Utility software improve the performances of a computer system?

you're still using vista?? Hahahahahahahahaha that's the worst one!

Anti virus and firewalls do improve the performance of a computer system but indirectly.?

They make a computer perform worse because it has more to do and has to check that everything it does is safe before it does it. The only way that they improve performance is by preventing malware... Read More »

When you drop a baseball and a bowling ball, you say that its velocity acts faster and faster as it falls. How can you say that the acceleration is constant at 9.8 m/s2 If it is falling faster and faster wouldn't the acceleration change also until th?

It's very important to distinguish velocity from acceleration. Acceleration is caused only by forces, so while a ball is falling freely it is accelerating according to gravity alone. In that case i... Read More »