Can i join my windows 7 laptop to my xp desktop?

Answer Hi,I am a bit confused by your question but assuming I understand what you mean then yes you can connect the laptop and the desktop if they are in the same location using a lan cable.You will need ... Read More »

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How can I connect a Windows laptop to a Desktop Mac?

If you mean to run MAC OS and Windows OS and control them via same Mouse and maybe Keyboard, the direct link scenario is a BIG No.However, if you remote connect to one from the other with software ... Read More »

Any advice on a decent laptop for sale that comes with windows 7/ 8 and Linux customized 3D desktop?

Enjoy one of my great Lenovo Thinkpad laptop for sale on with preinstalled windows 8 and linux ubuntu desktop effects with compiz fusion.

Insted of buying a windows 8 laptop, shall I get a windows 7 laptop and then install windows 8 on to it?

Thats a lot of farting about, and it'll cost more in the end to buy windows 8 and a new pc than to get one with 8 already on it.

On my windows 8 laptop when on the internet when i move the keypad mouse it takes me back to the desktop page?

Hello, Microsoft answer desk is free and a great source of accurate information. And has helped a lot of computer users...… Speak to Microsoft Certified Te... Read More »