Can i keep same number different network?

Answer I assume you mean your land line number when you move over to another provider?Most providers will allow you to do this providing you are remaining on the same exchange.

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How to Transfer a Number to a Different SIM Card on the Same Network?

Losing a cell phone -- or worse, having it stolen -- is never a pleasant experience. If your cell phone employed GSM technology, which means it had a SIM card, getting your old number back is simpl... Read More »

Can 2 different computers on the same internet network have different IP address?

Your 2 computers would have different private IP addresses, however the rest of the world will not see these IP addresses, they will see the IP address of your router, and this will be different to... Read More »

When you move house, and keep the same phone number, does your current broadband service stay on the line?

Kind of, if you have a phone number which is 01123 123456 and you move it with you when you move house, then the number will be set up for voice services and then broadband. If you cancel aol at yo... Read More »

Is it legal to use the same registration number on 2 vehicles even if they are 2 different types?

NO - NO - NO !WHAT ARE these people on who are telling you yes? Of course it's NOT LEGAL - that's the whole idea of it - the clue is in the name - VEHICLE REGISTRATION NUMBER